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Author Topic: Newbie seeking help from the pros  (Read 472 times)


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Newbie seeking help from the pros
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:39:59 pm »
I have just bought a streaming package from a provider that uses Centova 3.2.1. I made a few tests today and, although the webradio did work fine, I have a few technical questions that the provider could not solve:

1. Since my HD space is limited, I intended to upload my files in AAC format, which has better quality than MP3 at the same size. Strangely enough, Centova does stream AAC, but apparently does not deal well with AAC files. They are played in the stream, but missing album information and cover art, and the Panel does not even recognize song length (they all appear as zero). Even the player at the top of the panel gets stuck and does not provide correct information about what is playing. I tried to change the extension to M4a, MP4 and AAC; MP4 seems to work better, but is still faulty. Is there something I am missing while encoding (with dbPowerAmp), or perhaps another file extension I should use?

2. The situation is even worse with OPUS format. Again, the system is able to stream OPUS, but simply does not recognize OPUS files and signals them as invalid when uploaded (although they play fine in my computer).

3. If I somehow manage to solve these issues and upload my AAC or OPUS files already with the required bitrate (128kbps), is there some way to bypass re-encoding during broadcast in order to have them sent exactly as they are?

4. The playlist manager is quite clumsy and playlists in random mode do not work well (I noticed they tend to repeat songs before playing all available files), which means I would have to arrange all songs in sequence - a very lengthy task. Is there a way to import playlist files made locally by me - say, in Winamp?

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