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Author Topic: Best way to setup genre blocks?  (Read 449 times)


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Best way to setup genre blocks?
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:53:59 pm »
Our station has been live for about 2 weeks, and the back end of all of this is new to me personally. Our whole station is set up in 3hr genre blocks hosted and curated by different DJs (ex. classic rock at 9am, indie rock at noon, alt rock at 3pm, etc.) and 1hr block of specific decades (ex. 60's at 6pm, 70's at 7, etc.). We rotate the content of our playlists daily.

Originally we had each block as a scheduled playlist, with station ID's manually spaced within the playlists. After learning how the general rotation playlists are supposed to work, we switched everything over to general rotation and placed our station ID's in an interval playlist. We also created a "fallback" general rotation in order to time out of blocks.

The problem we are running into now is the songs in the "fallback" playlist are playing too often and not always evenly spaced. On certain occasions, the same song has played 3 times in a row. There are only 4 items and it's weighted at 1, while all the other playlists are at least 20-60 songs and all weighted at 20. All blocks have more than their allotted time's worth of content.

Any suggetions on a better way to set up our playlists? Or a fix to our problem? We also need to add in adverts to our station at intervals, but how would another interval playlist conflict with our current one?