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Author Topic: Cover album pictures with mzstatic.com are not working in HTTPS  (Read 876 times)


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I'm system admin and i discovered a tiny bug into the "Recent tracks" cover album pictures of CentovaCast with mzstatic.com.

When CentovaCast is used in HTTPS, Centova will replace the protocol "http" to "https" into the link :
http://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music/v4/a3/81/a7/a381a726-1ad4-b346-84cf-854d88e48495/source/100x100bb.jpg (this link is an example)

The problem is it's not working because the SSL certificat is not valid for this domain name :

https://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music/v4/a3/81/a7/a381a726-1ad4-b346-84cf-854d88e48495/source/100x100bb.jpg won't work.

The solution is to replace the domain name "is5.mzstatic.com" by "is5-ssl.mzstatic.com" which give us the correct final link :


Could you solve this problem please ?

If your next release is not for soon, could you tell me where i could solve this problem into your source code please ?

Best regards.
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Re: Cover album pictures with mzstatic.com are not working in HTTPS
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2017, 05:22:39 pm »
Hello goreansportal,

Thank you for reporting this, kindly open a ticket via our Helpdesk to our support department.

Our staff will be happy to escalate your report to our developers.