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Author Topic: Add Album metadata support to AutoDJ to meet StreamLicensing requirements  (Read 77 times)

Richard E

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While the Centova system reads Title, Artist and Album tags from files on the server used by the AutoDJ facility (and displays them in the widgets for example), the Album tag is not broadcast by the stream as are Title and Artist.

StreamLicensing.com, used by many internet radio operators, now requires the Album tag to be embedded along with Title and Artist. This is a mandatory requirement and they won't license you if you don't do it.

While adding the Album tag is relatively straightforward if the system uses ices-cc, it is quite difficult to do if liquidsoap is the AutoDJ. In addition there are various occasions when being able to modify the Now Playing data is desirable or necessary. This proposal addresses this issue.

I propose that the ability to include the Album tag in an AutoDJ stream be added to the existing streaming of Title and Artist. It would make sense for the complete string to be a configurable option under Settings > AutoDJ. (Although there is a Metadata tab, this is not an appropriate place for this setting.)

There are differences in the preferred order these tags should be included. StreamLicensing requires the metadata string to be "Artist - Title - Album" (delimiter being space-dash-space); however Centova appears to prefer "Artist - Album - Title" for the widget display to be correct. As a result, the user interface should support user configuration of the tag content and order, for example by choosing each of the elements from a popup menu and being able to enter the delimiters between them.

The popup menus should offer None, Artist, Title and Album options to allow customisation of the tag order.
The delimiter fields could allow either typing in the delimiters (eg " - ") or entering their ASCII equivalents (eg %20%2D%20)

A proposed user interface is shown in the attached file. Comments welcome.
--Richard E


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+1 Yes agree this is needed plus ability for field to pick up ISRC code from MP3's in AUTO DJ using Liquid Soap.


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    • TheHosting4You
+1 Yes agree this is needed

Voor een betaalbare streaming en goede support tevens kunnen wij uw voor radio stations een app maken voor android en ios,