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Author Topic: Early start to episodes  (Read 668 times)


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Early start to episodes
« on: May 24, 2017, 07:23:43 pm »
Experiencing an early start to episodes.

Our station does have one general rotation playlist, which we would expect to kick in with a song or two in-between shows, when a given show ends, before the next show is scheduled to begin--however, this is not really happening as expected.

An example is two shows, back to back, both of which are pre-recorded as single .mp3 files. If the first show ends several minutes before the top of the hour, the next show starts before it is scheduled.

Our host is Citrus 3, using Centova. We first approached them about the issue, and they suggested that it could be a bug and that we should report it here. Hoping we can find a solution!



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Re: Early start to episodes
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 01:17:23 pm »
We do have a diagnosing procedure for this sort of cases, but it would require that Citrus3 enables "Next Song Debug" for your station and then opens a ticket with us about this.

The need to edit the station's settings and under the advanced tab activate the Nextsong Debugging option. This should activate Centova Cast's advanced debugging, which in turn should show us why Centova Cast has chosen the wrong songs.

After this, please restart your station and let us know next time when you think Centova Cast has wrongfully chosen a song.

Unfortunately we can't investigate events that happened before you activated the Nextsong Debug.

We would need to know the exact time when this last happened, and the song which was wrongfully played, and the playlist which was expected to play instead. We'll also need your Centova Cast URL and the username/password combination for the station experiencing this issue.