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Author Topic: Station name appears alternating with song in recent tracks issue  (Read 644 times)


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I am seeking help to resolve an issue.  I have  Centova Cast v3.2.9  hosted by Shoutca.st.
I am using AutoDJ with live broadcasts from my playout system.

With this "Server", I seem to be getting my Radio Station name read as song title and it appears after every genuine song title, therefore my apps and other streams reading the metadata see "Cheshunt Radio" instead of the song title which appears momentarily. 

This does not happen on any other  Centova cast servers hosted by other companies even when the settings are identical.   Just the Shoutca.st server.

The tunein api seems to work fine most of the time.

I have no idea where it is reading "Cheshunt Radio" from or how it is possible for it to appear in the stream 3 seconds after the sing title has updated.

Tech support have made suggestions but to no avail. 

Is there something I am missing or could the host have a server issue?

Thanking you in advance.